a. Why did you join GGS and how did it happen?

I want to establish the pollution free country and I like greenery because it’s the life of the universe .I want healthy and greenery world so I joined in GGS.

b. What do you like most about working with Nature?

Nature is also part of creation and it gives the peace of mind because it helps to lead peaceful life.

c. What was your favorite activity in GGS?

Putting the plants in metropolitan cities and big corporations because there is a lot of pollution in those cities.

d. What is your name and age, where are you from and when did you join GGS?

Name: Kalyan Chakravarthy.P
Age: 24
Location: Pedana, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

e. What do you normally do in your profession?

Professionally I am a medical rep I want establish the sickles world through my company medicines.