a. Why did you join GGS and how did it happen?

I like greenery very much. Now a day’s greenery on earth is getting reduced slowly due to different kinds of mankind events. So it’s a basic responsibility to protect the greenery on the earth as a human being. That’s the reason I joined GGS.

b. What do you like most about working with Nature?

I feel more pleasant when working with nature.

c. What was your favorite activity so far when working in GGS?

Giving moral support to the people who are developing the greenery on the earth.

d. What is your name and age, where are you from and when did you join GGS?

Name: Laxmana rao B
Age: 30
Location: Hyderabad,Andhra pradesh,India.

e. What do you normally do in your profession?

I am a software engineer.