a. Why did you join GGS and how did it happen?

Actually I was interested to participate these kinds of pollution 
free services. I found GGS is one of the best ways to serve Nature.
That's the reason I participated. 
I knew some people from this organization as friends.
And I participated in activities through them. 
b. What do you like most about working with Nature? 
I was very pleasant in working with Nature and as a Human being 
I feel it as a responsibility. 
c. What was your favorite activity in GGS? 
Watering of Plants 
d. What is your name and age, where are you from and when did 
you join GGS? 
Name: Soma Sekhar.A
Age: 26 
Location: Machilipatnam, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. 
e. What do you normally do in your profession? 
Q.C Chemist