The life of human and other animals is very difficult without plants, the primary producers. The plants are called as primary producers because they receive sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and produces organic compounds through photosynthesis. Glucose and Oxygen come as products of this photosynthesis process. These organic compounds help the remaining beings on earth to sustain their life.

The plants, ranging from unicellular algae to huge trees play the most important role on earth .The life on earth without plants is very difficult. Because every being on earth has to depend on plants for their food directly or indirectly.

Plants help us in the process of respiration. Because they consume energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air and water and minerals from the soil. After the process of photosynthesis plants give off the oxygen which is very essential for the human and other animals for the respiration process.

The trees with good foliage work as natural vacuum cleaners .Because the tiny pollutant particles cling to the leaves of trees. So very few particles will reach us. And the trees consumes excess of CO2 and also helps to reduce the global warming. Cutting down trees increases land and atmospheric temperature enormously.

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