a. To protect the environment from water, air, industrial and other pollutions and achieve pollution free society.

b. To protect forestry, grow trees at all convenient places, road margins with the consent of the concerned, arrange tree guards and take steps for the proper watering and protection for the plantations made.

c. To establish and run Training institutions for taking up programs like spiritual enlightment and Meditations and also such programs exclusively covering the above objectives and inculcate the object of selfless service-in people at large for a healthy and harmless atmosphere.

d. To distribute plants to the public for growing them at all places and thereby protect the environments from all hazards of nature and of human and other agencies.

e. To establish Parks and retiring places, grow trees, flower plants, and other bushes and shrubs for the proper protection of the atmosphere and environment and for a healthy living.

f. To organize and establish museums, artistic collections, libraries and auditoriums etc, and to translate, compile, collect any literature having a bearing upon the training and educational activities of the institutions and schools etc.

g. To conduct sports, games of all kinds, to award prizes and to inculcate a feeling of brotherhood among the children, men and women etc.

h. To conduct competitions in debates conferences, and essay writings touching the objectives of the society and to inculcate a feeling of environmental protection among all the people.

i. To implement the various policies of the Central government and State government- under different schemes and to improve and ameliorate the socio, economic condition of its members and the rural people at large.

j. To accept any gift, donation or subscription etc and to raise funds by donations and contributions to achieve the objectives of the society.

k. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental and ancillary to the main objects of the society.

l. Seed sharing.