Other Activities


Spriulina contains about sixty percent protein. This is the richest percentage of protein available in food. The Spriulina protein also contains essential amino acids. Hence, it's considered to be a complete protein. The Spirulina protein is much better than animal protein because, generally, the animal protein contains fat, cholesterol and calories. In Spirulina protein the fat content is very low: approximately five percent, and most of that is unsaturated fat.
Hence, Green Guard Society selected Spirulina, as food supplement for poor people and orphans…

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Conducting painting and essay writing competitions in schools and other educational institutions to raise the awareness on the importance of nature.

Exhibition and Sale of the paintings

Exhibition and sale of the paintings related to nature development and its importance to raise the funds for the activities of the Green Guard Society.

Cleaning of the roads and installing the rubbish bins

As a part of beautification of roads and house dwelling areas Green Guard Society installs rubbish bins.

Water purification

Water pollution is other big problem. Especially in some parts of India water with some pollutants like fluoride very dangerous to health.

Green Guard Society also wants to participate in this regard to reduce and to provide pure water to the people.

Distribution of knowledge/experience contacts

Green Guard Society conducts some seminars to raise the awareness of the people towards to nature and its importance. And also recommends the various sources, where the people can get the information how to protect our global home by developing nature.

Feeding Animals

Along with the protection of nature, Green Guard also feeding orphan animals like cows, buffaloes and dogs which have no shelter and food.

Healing and treatments with plants

Green Guard Society spreads the info about Ayurveda.Like how to use the plats to cure certain diseases. Some small heath tips by using house holding herbs.

For more information about Ayurveda and healing properties of plants look our related links http://ayurveda.ms/