All the beings in the universe are categorized into three major groups called Mineral kingdom (rocks etc.), vegetable kingdom (plants and trees) and animal kingdom (birds, animals, and mankind). However all the living beings in the universe are part of vegetable kingdom and animal kingdom.

The five constituent elements in the universe are earth, water, fire, air and space. Out of these elements air and water are essential elements for all living beings on the earth to sustain their life. Apart from these elements, good food is also required for the living beings to lead happy and peaceful life.

Mother Nature is the source which regulates these essential elements through plants and trees. Hence the life of every living being on the earth has a close relation with Mother Nature. Trees and plants play a major role in providing fresh air, pure water and good food.

In ancient days, human beings used to treat the plants and trees as life sources. They were treated as a boon of God. People used to protect the plants and trees from destruction. Along with the protection of plants and trees, human beings used to spread the importance of greenery to fellow human beings.

Mother Nature is always protecting the mankind in several ways through plants and trees. In the evolution of daily life, mankind has started destroying the Mother Nature by utilizing it for their benefits due to lack of proper knowledge. Due to this destruction, environment is getting affected with increased air, water and sound pollutions. Thus all the living beings on the earth are proned to get chronic diseases and some of the living beings are facing extinction. This is the beginning of destruction for the self and the universe.

The main aim of Green Guard Society is to develop better harmony between Mother Nature and all living beings by promoting greenery on the earth.

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